Welcome to the website of the manager of the national railway network in Poland, dedicated to World Youth Day Krakow 2016.  

Here you will find the necessary information about travelling by train in Poland. Thanks to the Passenger Portal you can quickly and easily check the timetable of all passenger trains of all train operating companies in Poland. 

On our map you can check the travel times of trains from the biggest Polish cities to Krakow.

We also invite you to download a mobile application "Kolej na Polskę", which will help you discover the most beautiful railway relics and tourist attractions in their proximity. 

This site also provides information for disabled people. Here you will learn about the infrastructure and facilities on platforms for persons with reduced mobility.

Railway in Poland (Kolej na Polskę)

"Kolej na Polskę" is a publication which helps you discover the most beautiful railway relics and tourist attractions in their proximity. In this guide you will find 17 great ideas on how to spend free time with family and friends. You will also learn how to experience a unique adventure in coastal villages and vibrant cities, discover mountain railway tracks and old locomotives.

The guide contains 17 chapters, each with numerous illustrations and maps, where you will find descriptions of many places – cities, towns, museums, narrow - gauge railways and the most beautiful places associated with the railway.  Each chapter contains also a map with attractions marked on it. Just like every other Pascal guide, this one contains practical information about accommodation and catering services. The guide "Kolej na Polskę" shows the reader the area from Pomerania through Zulawy, Kashubia and Masuria. It also presents the central area of Poland, with its numerous railway relics, descriptions of railway stations and stops on the Warsaw-Vienna Railway. In the western part of Poland the railway between Sulechow – Wolsztyn – Lubon and Wolsztyn steam locomotives  depot are presented, and in the south – the Silesian-Czech railway, Silesian Mountain Railway, Podsudecka Arterial Line and Chabowka – Nowy Sacz line along with the famous open-air museum and restored stations are vividly described. Further on, the tour leads to the Narrow-Gauge Railway of Przeworsk – Dynow and ends in Bieszczady, where many attractions related to railway infrastructure can be found. 

To download the guide from the App Store and Google Play you need to install a Pascal app. Thanks to the modern technology the publication in the app has also an attractive and original form, which is impossible to depict in simple epub or mobi files. It also gives the possibility of an instant navigation, which is an advantage compared to a paper version.

We invite you for a journey with the guide "Kolej na Polskę".